Tips For Protecting And Safeguarding Your Home From Termites

Termites are very destructive insects.  They like to eat away at the fibers of wood making them weaker and unstable.  Many have tried to find the ultimate termite treatments dallas tx but nothing seems to be a final solution.  To protect yourself from these pests here are some suggestions you can try to safeguard your home before they become an issue.

Don’t have wood touching the ground

Termites live in cold damp areas around wood.  When our homes and other wooden structures are built you want to have a concrete or brick foundation.  This foundation will create a barrier between the wood and the wet damp earth where termites live. 

Keep moisture away from your foundation

The foundation of your home is a great breeding ground for termites.  If the foundation is wet or has a leak, then it will create a perfect environment for them to breed.  Once they start to breed, they will travel throughout your home eating wood and returning to their cold damp nests.

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Crawl spaces and other dark areas of your home

Depending on where you live in the country you will either have a crawl space under the house or a full basement.  If you have a crawl space you will want to have plastic installed to create a moisture barrier.  This moisture barrier will help keep the environment under your home dry and inhospitable for termites.

Keep wood away from the foundation of your house

Chopping wood for the long cold winter is a great way to stay warm and reduce the cost of your electric bills.  When storing your wood you will want to store it in a shed or covered area away from your home.  If you need to store it close to your home make sure that it is stored several feet away and is not in contact with your home.