Termites: The Nation’s Biggest Bug Problem?

The question mark is deliberate because no one here wishes to presume that this really is the case for the national reader. It depends on where you stay, it can be supposed, and the general construction of your house. You might not, however, even know that you have a termite plague on your hands until such time that your local termites dallas or inspector or fumigations expert has been around at your place of residence.

And once he has done the inspection, he might just have a piece of good news for you. Perhaps it is true that your property is not infested by a termite colony. But on the other hand, your property inspector may have detected a preponderance of wood bugs. And if you are operating from a highly industrialized and congested area, you could have a major problem with rats and cockroaches. In the latter case, that much you may already have known.

But seemingly living in a tranquil residential neighborhood could surprise you. The detection of a single termite is extremely difficult. They really are shy creatures and they tend to burrow themselves into and under the ground. They also like to make their nests in hollow cavities behind your rooms’ walls. And perhaps there were no cavities to begin with. Perhaps these cavities were created by the termites themselves.

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They may be shy creatures but they are highly destructive. Worst case scenarios are in evidence in some parts of the country. And the extreme worst is for an entire house to collapse. Just remember this. So long as you have wooden door frames, and so long as your staircase bannister’s railings are made from wood, you will more than likely have a termite colony hiding beneath your boards and walls.