Yard Grooming Tips

Our yards are symbols of our time and effort.  When we have a nice yard it gives us pride and a sense of accomplishment that others can enjoy as well.  When hiring lawn care fort wayne in workers you will want to have a clear plan as to what it is you want and a budget to make it happen.

Yard Size

The size of the yard will be your base template.  For smaller yards a modest design works best where larger yards can have more freedom and flexibility.  When establishing your lawn size take into consideration walkable areas as well as maintenance needs.  If you have areas of your yard that are obscured by trees or won’t be seen as often these areas can have minimal work done to them.

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Focal point

The focal point is the first part you should work on.  When we have a focal point in our yards we can build off of this to create our overall vision.  Those that don’t have a focal point their yards end up being scattered and non-uniform.  Good focal points might be the house itself, a large tree or perhaps the main walkway. 


Maintenance should be taken into consideration as well.  The primary use of our yards is to enjoy what we create and not having to cut grass, trim bushes and maintain flowers.  If you plan to mow your lawn make sure that your mower has enough room to fit between your yard assets.

The largest maintenance project most people will have is at the end of the year.  This is when the leaves on the trees will fall and the flowers will die.  Deciding on how this will be handled will lessen the time needed to maintain the yard.  Finding flowers, bushes and trees that last all year round will help with this aspect of your yard design.