You Do Need To Spend More Time In The Bathroom

No, not that bathroom, you know, the one where you sit on a hollow pot and page through well-thumbed newsprint while in the throes of relieving yourself. Because quite frankly, while the physical actions here are entirely necessary, no matter how well-perfumed your toilet, restroom or lavatory environment is, it cannot be a healthy exercise in terms of spending a few moments on your own, indulging yourself in what you all like to call your ‘me’ time.

Come on folks, you have got to admit, this cannot be healthy. And so you know, there are far better and healthier things you can and should be doing instead. But do spend more time in that bathroom. Yes, that is quite right, the one with the bathtub. Not only is it indicative of good hygienic practice when you generally take your time cleansing yourself it is also quite therapeutic, relaxing and good for the mind, to say nothing of the body.

If you want to get started with this healthy practice, the bathroom vanities Brookfield WI showroom can help you out with that. It can provide you with more than a soap dish of inspiration. But perhaps you are too fatigued to go there right now. So here is what you do instead. Put the kettle on, go and splash your face with some cool water and facial lotion and make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea. Leave the coffee jar, if you please.

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And then go and sit in your favorite living room chair for a few moments and view the showroom gallery online. It is just as colorful as the real thing. You can almost feel the cool breeze oozing across your sensitive skin.